Google drops mobile app properties from GSC, reminds site owners to remove G+ integrations

This week, Google sent out notifications to webmasters, SEOs and developers through Google Search Console telling them that mobile app properties and Google+ web integrations will no longer be supported.
Mobile app properties. In 2015, Google added the ability to include your mobile apps, specifically Android apps, in Google Search Console. Starting in 2017, Google began moving that functionality from Google Search Console to Firebase. And, as expected, several GSC features are shutting down in March, and one of those features is mobile app property support.
Google sent an email to those who have app properties in Search Console that they will no longer be supported in late March.
The mobile app email notification. The email says “You are the owner of one or more mobile app properties in Search Console. At the end of March, 2019, Search Console will end support for app properties.”
Here is a copy of the email I received: Google+ web integrations.  Google+ is closing down soon, at lea…

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